Odyssey Capital in co-operation with Macquarie Capital has established Tigris Water Investment Development Platform ("Tigris"). The primary focus of the Singapore-based platform is to invest in small- to medium-sized water companies which are developing projects in growth markets throughout Asia in water and wastewater treatment, as well as sludge treatment and related bio-gas production. As a secondary focus, Tigris may make majority investments directly into water and wastewater treatment projects. Opportunistically, Tigris has some flexibility to invest in other high growth markets outside of Asia, as well as into other clean environmental sectors.

Tigris targets industrial water investments, where projects have typically less political, regulatory and counterparty risks. It also considers municipal bulk water and wastewater treatment, where off taker creditworthiness is strong.

Tigris provides growth capital for specific Build-Own-Transfer (“BOT”), Build-Own-Operate (“BOO”) and other types of Public-Private-Partnership (“PPP”) projects. In terms of portfolio management, Tigris plays an active role and provides management expertise and capacity building to Portfolio Companies, with respect to strategic, financial and key operational decisions. It targets investments in companies which have a track record of strong operations, profitability and positive cash flows.

Tigris -- Bridging the Funding Gap & Capacity Building
As SME companies grow and evolve from being service providers to developing, financing and operating BOT/BOO projects, they require not only capital but capacity building in many key areas to address the strategic and operational issues associated with executing these projects successfully.

Besides providing growth capital, Tigris supports SME companies as a long-term strategic partner in the following manner:

Advise on BOT/BOO project structuring and risk mitigation measures
Develop and execute sustainable growth strategies
Achieve economies-of-scale as companies grow
Improve organizational structure, strengthen operating procedures, and implement global best practices, including in environmental, social and governance (ESG)
Identify and appraise M&A opportunities, e.g. tie-ups with other water companies to access new markets
Advise on expansion into new markets and water business segments
Formulate and execute fund raising and IPO strategies
Ensure adequate internal control, systems and processes are in place to manage growth

Tigris’ ability to provide value addition to Portfolio Companies in these areas reflects the Team’s understanding of operating issues, as well as financial structuring, of the water business. Team members have extensive experience working with SME companies to provide capacity building support.

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